eTraining adults learn exploring native talents

In our organizations we have a number of very heterogeneous target groups: adult learners,  immigrants, low educated students, students with disabilities, women and men in rural areas and young people at risk of social marginalization, etc.. Due to lack of skills and qualifications they were often unsuccessful in former training and education. Taking into account these findings we  want to explore and emphasize personal talents  and abilities of adult learners  instead of only focusing on the needed competences.  We want to try to raise the self-esteem of disadvantaged adult learner groups and help them find hidden resources in themselves for finding new  challenges in life and work.  We plan to search and develop ways and specific methods of exploring  and integrating own talents in the learning process of our adult students. The emphasis is not  only on viewing the gaps and weaknesses but viewing the possibilities and strengths.   By this we want to increase the role of adult learners in their own learning process. We will implement strategies in order to detect the specific talents and needs of the target groups and involve them in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the process. ICT (etalents)will have a very significant role within the process of improving the abilities of adult learners to adapt themselves to a changing society and to the requirements  of the labour market.


The main objectives to which the action/project ETALENTS will contribute: 

-Exploring and development of talents and abilities of adult learners, in addition to their competences using e-technology



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Besides personal enrichment, the professional know-how of each partner, the synergetic competences of the project partners will assure an upgrading of each participant's professional career. 

The staff directly and actively involved in the project activities will learn from the other partners’ expertise to improve their own knowledge and they will complete their theoretical and practical background.

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