Minutes of the Transnational meeting in Paris, June 10th and 11th 2010

Grundtvigt Learning Partnership

Me in Europe - Europe in Me


Portugal (3)

Netherlands (7)

Finland (8)

Lithuania (8)


ADPI (7)



June 10th 2pm

Arrival of the partners


Meeting at ADPI (Association pour le développement de la pédagogie de l’Individualisation) 94, rue Haxo – Paris 75020 see center here


Presentation of all the partners and associate partners


Caroline BENYAYER welcomes everyone on behalf of Nathalie BOUDOL (Director and coordinator of the Grundtvig) Nathalie is seriously ill and very sorry not to be with us.

Caroline presents their new centre and the activities Exchanges of documents and posters for the exhibition of the next day.


3 pm

Presentation of Portugal :


“My first experience in a European program”

By Carla PEREIRA with very interesting comments. The participants agree on the richness of different countries’ cultural and professional habits.



4 pm

Presentation of Gattegno Pedagogy by Anne THIEBAULT. Specialist of that pedagogy, she uses it with young people who have to learn reading and writing of various ethic and cultural backgrounds.


Anne makes the partners practice the approach.

After a coffee break, practice again of  the Gattegno approach.


6 pm

Walk to Buttes Chaumont Park – visit of the park and walk to canal de l’Ourcq.


8 pm

Dinner at the restaurant “Les Compagnons du Devoir” and visit of their small museum.




June 11th at the GRETA (Métiers de la Santé et du Social) 29 bis, rue de Cronstadt – 75020 – PARIS.


9 pm : The French trainers hang all the posters and documents from each country according to the rules (posters and pictures of the trainees at work and written comments)


10 am : Arrival of the participants


The participants look at the exhibition and exchange comments.


Welcome by Anne VERGER who presents the historical background of the project and the program of the day.


Interpreters : for French deaf : Imane BARHOUNI,

for Lithuanian deaf : Svetlana LITVINAITE and her colleague.

French/English : Michèle DUBOIS



Presentation of the activities by each country with exchanges.


11Coffee break




Presentation of a show by the French deaf trainees from the GRETA with Isabelle SEAU and Ellen, their trainer and coordinator : several sketches.


A big success with laughs and great applause from the participants.


Presentation of French songs of a choral by a large group of trainees from ADPI with Patricia SEINE their trainer and coordinator.

This group is accompanied by professional musicians

( Association DOREMI). A big success with great applause.


12.30 to 2 pm – Buffet for partners, trainers, trainees


During the buffet, a video in loop done by Netherlands showing all the different meetings since the beginning of the Grundtvig program.


After the buffet, exchanges of gifts from all the partners.


2.30 Invitation of ADPI for trainers, trainees and partners to bateaux mouches on the river Seine.

The French trainees participate and deaf have exchanges together. They are accompanied by 2 ADPI trainers, Patricia and Dania.


2.30 – The European partners in charge of the project (2 by country) fill an evaluation sheet given by Finland and discuss about the results (our strong point communication ; Gun MONTO and Henri LAITINEN will send the results of the last evaluation in Paris).


3.00Final report : We go through the English form and agree for comments on the main points we recall the rules : English report for all the partners, French report for France.

A certificate of attendance is given to all  participants.


7.30 – all of us meet for dinner “Chez François” and our last dinner is lively, and warmful.

We all agree to say that we have been a good group; we have had fruitful exchanges; a lot of pleasure and we succeeded to reach our aims. We intend to keep in contact for other possible exchanges in the future.


Michèle DUBOIS


PS : The partners will receive a draft of the final report 30th of June (first transnational part of the report).


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