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ADPI is a French association created in 1995, based in Paris, which

  • trains and professionalizes young adult migrants
  •  helps disabled workers (and especially the hearing impaired) find work,
  •  provides examination training for hospital staff and facilities services staff

Our specificity is to deal with French learning with this kind of public in great difficulty. The pedagogy we use is called Gattegno Pedagogy also called “Reading in colors”. Indeed, we work with color charts. The aim of this pedagogy is to subordinate teaching to learning. We also work with different Gattegno softwares specialized in the learning of writing and reading.

Our objective is to work on the one hand in the field of linguistic competences and on the other hand, on socio-professional projects.

Staff : 15 full-time (training and administrative)

2 part-time (secretarial)

+ 10 to 20 non-permanent staff

Number of students : over 300 per year

Between 15 and 20  courses organized

You can view pictures of the Center here

L-Pack 2: Citizenship Language Pack for Migrants in Europe Improved link

DAVE Developping Validation of Adult Education Trainers link

ESES Designing the Competence profile for the European Supported Emlpoyment Specialist link

Books Like acting :  increase interest in reading by sharing ideas and knowledge. link

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